Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas Gifts on a Budget

Cari and I are part of a Mom to Mom group that meets each Wednesday. Since Cari and I LOVE to craft, we (Cari) signed us up to provide some (to be specific...6 projects, each with 5-minute demo) budget-friendly Christmas crafty gift ideas to the group at our Christmas gathering. We thought we could compile a handful of easy, affordable and AWESOME crafts on here for everyone to see. Who doesn't want some ideas to make the holiday gift giving a little bit easier (on you AND the pocket book!)?!

And so begins our first of a 6-part series...

No Knit Yarn Wreath  Sorry - change to Christmas Cones!
Mini Magnets (aka jewelry for the fridge)
Handprint Pot
Snowman Ornament

(more photos and links to come)

Hope you can find a little inspiration for yourself!

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