Monday, November 8, 2010

Burlap Stockings* for Christmas (*not itchy legware)

This project is from the blog swap held with The Country Chic Cottage

The other day I was flipping through the latest Crate and Barrel catalog and their linen Christmas stockings caught my eye.  I feel like October has basically WHIZZED by so I am motivated to get started on a few Christmas projects.  Since I didn't have any linen, I thought I'd use some burlap I had in my stash and a bit of pretty ribbon and before too long, the Burlap Stocking was born.  Wanna make one too?  It's SUPER easy!
Here's the How To:

Cut two pieces of burlap into a stocking shape.  I kept my eye on one of the C&B stockings while I cut and just eyeballed it.  (pretty sure that's how the professionals do it too)

Then added add a few rows of ruffles to the top because what's cuter than ruffles and burlap?

  • Place your ribbon where you want it at the top of the stocking.
  • Slide your ribbon to the other side, doubling the amount of ribbon for that ruffle.
  • Snip and repeat for the remaining 2 rows.
Create 3 ruffled ribbons. (My ruffling trick is to set my tension and stitch length as high as it can go.  Run it through and back stitch at the beginning and end and tada - you've ruffled. I think it's way easier than the running stitch and pull trick)

Pin the ruffles where you want them to sit on the front piece of the stocking and stitch over the ruffled stitch.  (remember to put your tension and length settings back because if you don't you might end up getting some unwanted seam ripping practice and/or cursing.  Not that I would know)
Then decide that the stocking needs a little more "Umph".  Add ric rac between the two stocking layers and pin together with right sides out.  (I love the rough and tattered edge of burlap, so that's why I chose to sew it with right sides out.)

Sew all around stocking leaving opening for goodies at the top.

Add a few rolled flowers and a ribbon hanger and Ho Ho Ho - you HAVE IT!
I'm sure this will be the first of a few holiday projects that will show up on It's Toile Good in the next couple months.  Here are a few of our other fave projects.


Thank you Angie for having us!  This has been SO fun! 
All the best!

Bringing this project to THESE awesome parties!  Come see what else will inspire you!


Thanks to Kyla for featuring this project on FPG!!


rainbowcreek said...

I really love the rick rack idea. Great project! I am itching to get out some burlap and try it now.

AmieAnn said...

This is too stinkin cute! I love the flower and ruffles at the top! Hope you will link this project to my Pink Hippo Party @

Kim said...

Very fun, love the ruffles.

Robin said...

Adorable. I love the ruffles and the rick-rack. It's all so pretty!

Amy @ Keep'n The SunnySide said...

Love how this turned out.

Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage said...

And it is GORGEOUS!! :)

Brenda Kula said...

You've got some great ideas! I just love the ribbon you've created here. You could sell these for sure. (Not that I wouldn't hold onto them tight!)

I♥naptime w/ Chocolate Sundaes said...

LOVE that stocking! I would love for you to link this up to our holiday party!

House Revivals said...

Cute stuff! Love the stocking. And the pendant lamp cage is darling!

AllieMakes! said...

Really cute! I worked with burlap this week and still feel like itching just to think about it!
Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

Krista@thegatheringplacedesign said...

So cute... great job:) I love the ric rac and the flowers!

stacey said...

love this!! I want to make ruffled burlap stockings too, just haven't actually gotten around to it yet. great idea, I like how you just kept the raw edges out. beautiful!

Tammy at Tattered and Timeless said...

Love it and I just did some burlap stockings also...

freckled laundry said...

I am just loving this burlap stocking and your tutorial! I adore your other favorites, too. Thank you so much for linking with air your laundry Friday, sweetie!


Ali Rockwell said...

Apparently you and I share a love of ruffled burlap stockings! :)

Molly said...

I followed you back to your site after your visit to mine and spent quite a bit of time perusing! I think we must be kindred toile spirits, I'm so excited to have found you! I love there burlap stockings, they are too cute!