Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WTDWIW Winner!!!

Congratulations to Righteous Spunk for submitting the one and only winning idea for the 1st ever What To Do With It Wednesday!!  This is her winning comment...

"I like the idea of taking the mirror and hanging it in the dining room...and then what about putting something else on the wood (an oval painted with chalkboard paint, corkboard, covered in fabric)? Then you could use the mirror as you like and still not waste the scrolly parts--it could be a place for notes (chalkboard or corkboard) or to display photos (covered in fabric with ribbon criss-corssing to secure photos). If you have a dresser now, it could be attached to the top of that (both might need to be sanded, stained/painted to match) so it would be restored to its original function in a new way! Hope that helps!"

 I love the idea of separating the piece into two items!  I will get working on hanging the mirror and creating a one of a kind message center from the other piece and share my results asap!

Thank you so much for the terrific idea and support of our first WTDWIW!!  Please let me know which prize you would prefer - the countdown blocks or the wreath.  Remember, I can create these for any holiday you choose!  Just give me your deets and I'll whip it up and send it right out!  Feel free to grab a button for your blog too!

bright idea

Wanna be a WTDWIW winner?  Keep your eye out for the next WTDWIW post and submit your ideas!  It's THAT easy!!  Should be posted later today!

1 comment:

Righteous Spunk said...

I can't wait to see the finished product!! I would love the countdown blocks. My whole apartment is kind of fall colored (burnt oranges, burgandy, olive green, browns, gold etc) so I think thanksgiving colored fabric would work the best and then I can count down to various things throughout the year! Thanks so much!! I'll email you my address ;-)