Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Workout Poetry - "You're welcome" in advance

Today I attempted a walk with my kids to work out.
Loaded up the 4 seat stroller, a task in itself, no doubt.
Started up the big hill,
Legs pushing hard, until
KABOOM! I fell! and now here I sit and pout.

Should've just stayed home and crafted!  
Walk carefully my friends.  
(or just stay home and make something pretty)


Melissa said...

Too funny! Sorry you got a boo boo, but you made me chuckle! Got a question, how do you like a 4 seat stroller? How do they fit in a car? How do they handle? Sorry, guess that was three questions, here's another, what brand do you have? I am looking at a triple stroller, but don't know much about them. Thanks!

Cari said...

ah! and I went to San Antonio! Sorry I couldn't be there to nurse your booboo back to health!