Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What To Do With It Wednesday

Cari and I have LOTS of creative ideas, but more than that, we (mostly me) have lots of stuff that needs to be created into something.  We thought we would add a little structure to our blogging by introducing a weekly forum that we've titled "What To Do With It Wednesday".  We will post an item a week and ask for your brain to storm up some ideas for said item.  We will decide on which idea we like best and feature you and/or blog, along with the idea you contributed.  As projects are completed we will share the result and link back up to you and your fabulousness again! 

(long post warning - but if you make it to the end you could win something!!)

But first a little story called The Birds Eye Maple Dresser.

I have this dresser mirror.

Why just the mirror you ask?  (Since you asked)..It was my father's as a child and he gave me the dresser with the mirror and because I am an idiot, I sold it at a garage sale.  Typing that actually makes me a little sick.  Ya see, I didn't think I had use for the dresser and even if I did, I would have wanted to paint it and painting wood is sacrilege to my father.   But, it upsets me that I got rid of it for a couple reasons. First, because my father doesn't throw anything away.  He's from the era that you keep things, mend them, reuse them, hand them down - but never throw them away.  I think growing up he only owned 1 pair of pants and 1 pair of shoes at a time.  So not only is he careful with his belongings, he's nostalgic.  I know the things he keeps remind him of of the good times in his life and this was the dresser he had in his bedroom growing up.  So selling it was kind of like me pinching him - just mean.  I wasn't trying to be mean, but I get into these "I don't need it, I won't use it, get rid of it" moods and sometimes I "get rid" of too much.  The fact that I sold it is still a touchy subject with my Dad.  I wish I had kept the piece and used it in one of my daughter's rooms somehow.  I love furniture pieces that have a story behind them.  But we probably would have ended up with a family dispute and lots of eye rolling because I would have painted it.

Anyhoo - after I sold the dresser, I immediately hauled the mirror inside to keep it from being sold.  The woman who bought the dresser actually came back later, after the garage sale was over to see if she could buy the mirror part as well and I told her I couldn't do it.  I considered asking her if I could have it back and giver her her money back because I felt so bad that I'd sold something that my father had given me.  Not to mention- it was pretty darn cute too!  So now I have an old, Birds Eye Maple Dresser mirror and I am DETERMINED to use it one way or another.

This is where you come in....

I am not at all worried about fixing the scroll work - I kind of dig it's "battle scars", but I have thought of re-silvering the mirror and hanging just the oval mirror part horitonzally in my dining room (but then you loose out on the beautiful scrolley woodwork).  I have contemplated making into a stand alone dressing mirror and creating some kind of base for it.  But I KNOW that there are so many more creative minds out there with better ideas than I have and would LOVE the input!

I have been dying to do a giveaway and have been waiting until we have 100 followers, but not really sure why I that has to be our benchmark for the first giveaway - so to heck with that idea!  Who wants to win something?  Behind door #1, is a burlap ruffle wreath OR behind door #2, is a set of countdown blocks! I can make either item  with fabric for Halloween or Thanksgiving or Christmas!

If your idea is chosen you can choose what you'd like and give me your details including which holiday you would like your prize for and I'll send it right over!  Thanks for your ideas and for letting me get my guilty story off my shoulders!  You can bill me for your counsel!  ;)


Righteous Spunk said...

I like the idea of taking the mirror and hanging it in the dining room...and then what about putting something else on the wood (an oval painted with chalkboard paint, corkboard, covered in fabric)? Then you could use the mirror as you like and still not waste the scrolly parts--it could be a place for notes (chalkboard or corkboard) or to display photos (covered in fabric with ribbon criss-corssing to secure photos). If you have a dresser now, it could be attached to the top of that (both might need to be sanded, stained/painted to match) so it would be restored to its original function in a new way! Hope that helps!

allison @ said...

Righteous Spunk - First, thank you for commenting!
Second, I LOVE this idea - never would have thought to use both pieces separately!
Third, love your blog and excited to be you newest follower. I have to say that yours is the first blog I'm following that inspires me in a spiritual way. I appreciate you sharing your words and thoughts and love having someone to learn from and get new perspective. Love the vultures post.
Fourth, love having a fellow Texan blogger friend - especially one who's right up I 35!!

Hope you have a terrific Sunday!