Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What To Do With It Wednesday #2

It's Wednesday again!!  Which means there's another chance to use your brain to storm up some ideas and win a giveaway!!

I have had this wooden spatula for a while.  I think it was a wedding gift.  However, I have never used it to cook with because it was too thick to flip anything.  It's probably supposed to be used to make a specific type of dish, but since I predominately work in casseroles, I couldn't find much use for it.  It actually mildewed a bit (eew) and is unusable now.  For some reason I thought it could be transformed into something and hated to throw it away.  I attempted to transform it by painting it red, but that's as far as I got.  (My kitchen colors and black, white with accents in red).

It's a normal sized spatula with a hole drilled into the end of the handle.  What are your awesome ideas?  Can this be made into something cute for my kitchen?  Can I use it somewhere else in the house?  Can you think of another purpose for it?  Could it me made into a cute decorative item?  Any and all ideas are helpful and appreciated!

If you missed last week's WTDWIW, here's the lowdown....

Cari and I have LOTS of creative ideas, but more than that, we (mostly me) have lots of stuff that needs to be created into something.  We thought we would add a little structure to our blogging by introducing a weekly forum that we've titled "What To Do With It Wednesday".  We will post an item a week and ask for your brain to storm up some ideas for said item.  We will decide on which idea we like best and feature you and/or blog, along with the idea you contributed on the following Wednesday.  As projects are completed we will share the result and link back up to you and your fabulousness again!

This week's prize up for grabs is this book page wreath from my Etsy store: Toile Good Things!

Just leave a comment with your best brainstorm for this week's item and if your idea is chosen, you'll be notified next Wednesday!

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Courtney said...

The third picture (with the spatula part down) reminds me of a dress silhouette. I think it would make a cute decoration if you cut the top part off about(either straight or heart shaped) halfway down the top half so you still had a waist and bust shape. Then you could paint/decorate it like a dress.

Courtney said...

Oooh... just thought of something else. If you add hooks to the bottom you could hang it on the wall as a jewelry rack. Then it's cute AND functional!

Michelle B said...

Since you've already painted it to match the kitchen, I think it would be really cute to seal it (to make it water resistant) and then use it as a spoon rest.

Ann B said...

It may not be PC, but it looks like a paddle (you know, old fashioned paddling?) Or, a good tool for the sandbox--stirring, flattening sand out, scooping.
Or, you could decorate it as a door decoration hanger for a girl's room door and hang from a ribbon. It could say, "enter" or "sleeping" or "studying" or "dirty"/"clean". Just ideas!

LyndaB said...

Probably because it's October, it looks like something that could be repainted (I know, I know...) to look like a broom - attach a few wooden items to it, black cat, witch's hat...) and it'd be a neat little Halloween wallhanging.

Other thoughts -
wide part up, it looks like a head - paint the face, attach some braided yarn, and you've got a cute barrette holder.

wide part down, I agree with Courtney - that's the bottom of a dress.

Randi said...

I'm seeing it still red with a black and white polka dotted thick ribbon tied around the handle part, with the word "eat" in vinyl or stickers on the wide part. Use it as a hanging in the kitchen.

Jen B said...

My first thought was to take some pictures of your kids helping you "cook" or make cookies, etc and then decoupage them onto the spatula. A funky scrapbook/memory project?

But... I also like the idea of turning it into a barrette holder of sorts. Add some tulle and strips of ribbon hanging off the bottom -- and voila a barrette holder. I've been drooling over something similar on etsy - and thinking, surely it can't be that hard to make!!