Thursday, October 21, 2010

Trick a Tee

Sorry, this isn't a post about Halloween.  I just wanted to share a little secret with y'all.

First, let me ask you this - did you ever wear those belly bands when you were pregnant?  I did and LOVED them!  They were awesome for keeping my baby belly covered!  I only bought one "real" one, it's black and just between you and me - I still wear it all the time!  I'm a tall gal and it's tricky to always find tee shirts long enough for my taste.  So I use the belly band as kind of a tee shirt extender, if you will.  Since I'm a fan of variety, I thought I needed to have a few in different colors, and knew there was a way to get what I wanted without spending the cash.

Since seeing Cheri's I Am Momma, Hear Me Roar post about creating the anti layer tube top, I was inspired to do something similar to make a kind of belly band the same way!  I just took old tee's chopped off the bottom half and took in the sides (if needed) to create a little something extra to add to my tee shirts.  Now I want to raise my hand to ask a question, or shoot some hoop, my shirt can ride up a bit without my belly being on display.  Trust me, you're welcome.

warning: don't look directly at the belly skin showing.  It may cause blindness.


Anonymous said...

I still wear my belly bands too!

Katie said...

HAHA I had to laugh at this post because I too am tall and ALWAYS have to double layer shirts if I don't want my tummy to show and after I had my last baby I kept on using my belly band too. In fact, I keep meaning to buy a new one in a smaller size because I have lost weight and my old one does the job but doesn't actually hold my pants up for me any more. :)