Sunday, October 10, 2010

Magic number 100

There's celebration in the air!  Maybe it's just coincidence, but I have noticed so many bloggy friends that are hitting milestones lately!  Record followers, first time linky parties, first time give aways!  I love having reasons to celebrate and these are great ones! 

Liz Taylor at Project Naptime just hit her first 100 and is doing a Hobby Lobby gift card giveaway!  Head on over and see her awesome projects and become a follower and enter to win!
It's Toile Good is about 20 followers away from our first 100 and I can't wait to celebrate that milestone!  We will PARTAY when it happens!  There won't be cake, but there will be party favors!  I've got lots of fun ideas brewing for a give away!  Have you seen a project we've made here on ITG that you would like to win?

Happy Sunday!

1 comment:

Liz Taylor said...

I didn't realize I wasn't a follower! So sorry! I've come here many time, I am now!