Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mr. Roboto Pants

Might be crafting an ark soon if the rain doesn't stop here in New Braunfels. Taking applications for animals. Come apply in pairs of 2. Sheesh! When it rains, it pours! and pours...and pours...

Now back to our regularly scheduled crafting...

Today I tried to get a handle on my craft area (aka. dining room) and thought I would attack projects that had all needed materials out on the table. So...I had a big, left-over piece of fleece from the nap mat and my brilliant sister-in-law suggested I make it into pj pants. Turns out, I made it into 3 pair of pj pants. One pair for big brother, one pair for sweet nephew and one pair for some long-legged, skinny baby that I've yet to meet.

As in the spirit of fearless crafting, I sewed my first pair with one leg right side out and the other wrong side out. Got some more seam ripping practice and fixed them right up. I should probably use patterns and cut pieces more precisely, but I'm all about just digging in and crafting! After all, I have a seam ripper! The first 2 pair I modeled after a pair of existing pj pants and as for the baby pair - I just eyeballed it. (Which is why I made a pair that probably fit a 2-legged baby giraffe)

big brother demonstrating Mr. Roboto dance

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Lindy said...

I saw these at a party the other day and love them . They would adorable on my grandson, Noah. He would be thrilled.