Friday, September 10, 2010

Hooded towels R sew easy!

I'm all about the really easy projects...especially as I'm wasting time before the baby gets here. I don't want to start something really awesome and then not be able to finish it! So for my baby girl (and a few other friends who are receiving them as shower presents), I've been on a hooded towel making frenzy!

It's really quite easy.

You need:
A bath towel (will make two for infants, one for toddlers/kids)
A hand towel (will make two) or a washcloth (to make one)
...wash these first, especially if you are using such contrasting colors like mine...otherwise you end up with a slightly colored (pink) towel like mine...oops
Double fold bias tape
Fabric for the letter/applique
Heat n' bond or some sort of iron-on interfacing
Thread matching both towels

For an infant, cut a full-sized bath towel in half. Attach binding on the unfinished edge. (I've been using a matching binding, but I think a coordinating or contrasting color might be cute!) ...this step is n/a if you're making a larger towel for a bigger child.

For the hood...

I decided to trim my washcloth's binding off so it would be easier to attach to the towel...

I also decided late in the game that it would be cute to add the contrasting binding around the edge of the hood. It would probably be easiest to do this step before pinning and sewing the hood to the towel.

For the letter/applique...

Iron on your applique to your towel and then zigzag stitch in place!

I told you it was easy! It's even easier if you just sew a hood to a towel and don't embellish it...but it's not as cute of course. I'd love to see anyone's ideas/ sure to link 'em!


Laura @ House of Thrifty Decor said...

Thanks for stopping by my Show Off Sunday Party. I look forward to seeing you next Sunday!! said...

Love the monogram. Makes it like a super hero cape. Thanks for sharing ... I've posted a link.