Thursday, September 23, 2010

Can't decide..."Slippers for Froto" or "Big Baby"

So....I'm silly.  I should be doing productive things, like cleaning my house or working out, but instead I decided that I needed make something.  I didn't even choose to make something worth while (like a Christmas gift or something to keep my one lonely item company in the Etsy store).  I was playing.  In my last post, I shared my version of Chubby Feet Baby Shoes.  Got a couple comments about how, if they were big enough, it would be great for adults to be able to wear them.  And guess what?  I made them big enough!  Turns out, they are ridiculous!  (Well, at least this version)

I used an old fleece PJ set my daughter had outgrown for the fabric. (thus the pill balls)  Which, BT DUB, I love sewing with fleece because its stretchy and doesn't fray and super easy to use!  I measured my foot and made a pattern that was supposed to fit my foot.  I wear a 10 so it was going to be real big to start with, but I always tend to cut too large so these could probably fit a Hobbit!  They are a tad baggy, but since I used the fleece, they are super comfy!  I think I'm going to get a lot of use out of them! around the house when no one is looking

Linked up for fun at this great party!  Eveyone needs a little laugh now and then and I hope I can at least get an eye roll or two for this one!;)

make it wear it

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