Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wooden letters

So here are some pics of my little girl's room so the pic, I've made the boppy cover, the letters, the owls on the mobile, the bumper, the crib skirt and the blanket.  The most adventurous project has been the bumper...of which to my dismay there was much cursing involved.  If you don't look too closely, it's pretty cute. ;)

So for the first project, I did the letters.  I got the inspiration from researching a lot online and finding these, but they are $24 a letter!  Yikes!  My hubby just finished up getting us into a lot of debt law school, so we have been looking for ways to keep this nursery cute but inexpensive.  

So I headed over to Hobby Lobby (love), and found some large wooden circles over in the wooden project area for .79 each and the ribbon for about $3.  I found the block letters at Joann's for about $1.29 each...and if you're lucky enough to find coupons, you can get things a few cents cheaper!  I already had the acrylic paint (it's about 2 bucks a pop).  
All total less than $20, so at least a $100 savings!  (and just as cute!)


Christine said...

The letters are wonderful! I like to refer to what you did as ICTDTM Syndrome (I can totally do that myself). You did a great job...

she wears flowers said...

I love it & I am in the middle of posting one like this!! I got bored and started checking out blogs and saw this--how funny! Mine are still drying on the kitchen counter and then I will have the pictures. They are so fun, don't you think?