Thursday, August 5, 2010

Upcycling the Hand Me Downs

My AWESOME friend came by the other day and dropped off some of her son's clothes he had outgrown. Not sure how, but there have been a string of boys born within my family and group of friends in the last 3 years. Like 8 boys that have been sharing and handing down clothes. It's awesome for me because I don't have to shop, but have every size I could ever need in boy - AND its great fun to upcycle (my new fave term) these gently loved items!

In her recent drop off, she had a few pair of winter jammies. Since it's like 172 degrees here, I thought I could alter them a bit so he could use them now. I chopped off the arms and legs, hemmed everything and added a "C" to personalize them a bit for Carter. She also had a cute sleeveless pull over that I felt needed a little boost. Here's what resulted...
Please pay no attention to the kindergarten level of applique

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Robin said...

I love these! Great job with the upcycling. I can't wait to see more.