Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Crinkly Toys with Tags

Today I was feeling the urge to sew baby things.  As a result, I also got a good deal of practice seam ripping as well (note the blog header photo).  I worked on a crinkle, ribbon tag blankie and a stuffed ribbon tag toy for ym baby William.  These were my first attempts and look like it too.  Hoping that I can perfect it a bit so I can make some prettier ones for my niece and friend's baby that are soon to arrive.  What's awesome about the things I sew, is that my son doesn't care in the least bit how poorly they are stitched.  I guess as long as I make things for infants and kids who can't talk yet - I'm all good!

How To

  • Cut square from fabric (any shape or any fabric really) I think I might try fleece next time because it doesn't fray and I could work with the project right side out.
  • Cut ribbon into 3 and 4 inch lengths.  I used 5 tags per side, but could be more or less.
  • Pin right sides together with ribbon sandwiched in between wrong side out
  • Sew 
  • Repeat for 2 other sides
  • I added a "W" to each side as an applique.  I practiced sewing with my eyes closed on this part.  Kidding - my applique skills are beginner to say the least.
  • For the final edge, flip blankie right side out
  • Cut a wipes plastic wrapper to fit inside blankie and position inside of blanket so it lies (lays?) flat
  • Turn raw edges over and pin ribbon between
  • Sew
  • Sew a zig zag stich about a half inch inside the finished edges to "quilt" the wipes piece to the outer pieces.
  • Share with baby

Also made this stuffed toy with tags (which am now noticing could be a terrific dog toy as well!)
Don't the yellow tags look like bananas for the monkeys?

MORE inspiration....came to me today!
I chopped up some of my daughters out grown jeans to make these little cuties (note to self:  buy more jeans BEFORE she goes back to school)

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