Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Sister-in-Law

Thanks, Allison!!   So I'm Cari, the crazy sister-in-law with the first little girl of the family on the way (in like three weeks!).  My son, Isaac, is the cute kid in the tree project post. :)  He's super excited (so he thinks) about his little sister, Tessa.  In fact, everytime we go into Joann's, he's like, "Mommy?  We gettin' sumfin for Tessa?"  We've been crafting away like crazing for this little girl's room, and now we just found out we're about to do a temporary move in with the (parent)-in-laws just after she's born (and right down the street from Aunt A!) I've just got to convince my hubs that all these projects weren't all for nothing!  So I'm joining up with my incredibly talented sister-in-law and passing on some ideas to all of you.  Allison and I are hoping that some day this silly little "craft blog" thing might actually profit us in some way (other than just a creative outlet!).  And to all my friends who keep at me trying to get me to do this (and create an Etsy store), here you are!  Hopefully together we can come up with something worthwhile for everyone!  Before I ramble much more, I'll get to posting something you actually want to read. :)

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allison said...

i'm kinda giggling from how fun this is!