Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bow tie onesie

It seems impossible to think that my sweet, angel, precious baby boy could get any cuter (I'm allowed to say that, I'm his Mom), but today I made that happen.  Took a simple onesie he had in his vast wardrobe of awesome hand me downs and added a cute baby bow tie to it - taking it from a casual, day look to something more evening!  (haha!)  I think I felt bad for making all the adorable girly stuff for my niece that I felt compelled to spend 10 minutes quality time on a boy project.  It was too easy and I'm thinking I need to add a few more of these to expand his formal wear options.  As I do, I'll make a short tute explaining the "How To" of all this fanciness!

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freckled laundry said...

"...something more evening." Haha! I love this. I'm going to make this for my little man's first birthday next month. Cute idea & cute baby! Thanks for taking the time to comment on my Cuter with Pewter post, sweetie!