Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hey there! What Choo Doin'?

Hi guys!
I've missed ya!  I hoped I would have crafty time when I went back to work and while I HAVE been working up some crafty goodness, I haven't had time to share it with you all.  LAME - I know.

I HAVE been blogging.  Just not here.  Let me introduce to you to the company that's getting my bloggy love right now...

This is who I worked for BEFORE I stayed home with my kiddos who drove me to crafting to stay sane!  I'm back with the parent company now and while I work for a different segment of the company, I still have had opportunity to blog for them a bit!  (don't hate! I know it's an awesome gig!)

Well, today I couldn't help myself and SHARE the awesome blog hop and prize give away they are having today!  Basically, you start off with Libby at the PSA Essentials know the guys who make these amazing stamps...

 Move on and dig into some eye candy on Monica Lee's beautiful blog...
 then keep hopping to Simon & Kabuki's blog...
and while you're there check out the "Put a Bird On It" video if you haven't seen it before!
Then hip, hop, a hippy to the hoppy to the hippity hoppity beat...
ahem sorry...
to Sparky &Marie's blog world where there's a CRAFT TUTORIAL for this awesome spring wreath! 
and after than, hop yourself right on over to Dena Design's awesome blog and be inspired by the colors, characters and charisma of these baby shower she planned...
then end up on the Expressionery blog and meet our blogging team!
Blog Hop Badge
HAD to rock the DIY Stache Sipper Profile Pic y'all!
and scroll yourself on down to the bottom and ENTER TO WIN THE FOLLOWING PRIZE!
Please sit before reading, no fainting allowed.
2 Peel & Stick stamp sets and PSA Stamper from PSA Essential
1 Fabric and original mini watercolor kit from Monica Lee
party supplies (cups, hats, party blowers, plastic table cloth, stickers, invitations, napkins and plates) from Simon + Kabuki
2 scrapbooking pads of paper from Sparky & Marie
CR Gibson Shopping list
Expressionery note pad
2 Sunrise greeting cards, and a sunrise magnetic note pad from Dena Designs
stationery suite from Expressionery! 
How awesome is that?!

So go, run, type, HOP on over to the latest and greatest blog you'll add to your RSS feed...
and tell em Allison sent ya!